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When I decided to review the Cheat Your Way Thin system, I frankly expected it to be complete BS. It promises to tell people how to pig out during the holiday meals and at other times – without missing out on any dinners, desserts, or parties – yet STILL lose weight! To my surprise, as [...]

As someone who has always had a lot of trouble losing weight, I finally decided to ignore the conventional “wisdom” and look for an easier way to do it. I was pleasantly amazed to find that cinnamon weight loss is an absolute reality! So far I have lost 22 lbs (update) 29lbs by taking simple [...]

Green tea has many benefits. It can help control cholesterol, improves the weight-loss effects of exercise, help with arthritis symptoms, and boost the immune system. It has a high amount of EGCG, a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties and many health benefits. Another great benefit is that it gives users energy. This is beyond the [...]

After learning about the benefits of CoQ10, the obvious question is “how much CoQ10 should I take?” To find out the answer, I spent many hours looking at studies available on the internet, along with a multitude of other sites concerning this supplement. There were many different dosages used, and several suggested, however I did [...]

For centuries, green tea has been used for medicinal benefit in China and nearby Asian countries. Recently, those in the West have realized that this tea really does have many health benefits. Some green tea benefits are: Lowering cholesterol Helping to prevent cancer or, if it’s already present, slow its growth Improvements in the immune [...]

There have been some comments on the Internet saying that fish oil weight loss is a reality. At first, it doesn’t seem to make sense: Oil is a form of fat, and fat is notorious for sticking around when ingested. However, it seems that the DHA and EPA in fish oil give it quite different [...]

If you’re interested in nutritional supplements, you may have seen some stories talking about how great CoQ10 is. What makes it so special? Turns out there are many CoQ10 benefits for the human body! When they are all considered together, they qualify CoQ10 as an antiaging supplement of the finest order. You may wonder how [...]

CoQ10, sometimes known as coenzyme Q 10, CoQ, or ubiquinone, has an essential function in every living cell of the human body: It’s used in the production of the cell’s energy. More specifically, it’s an essential component of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the cell’s fuel on the metabolic level – 95% of the energy [...]

For those looking for large doses, liquid fish oil is the most convenient. Instead of having to swallow gobs of pills, a person only needs to take a spoonful or two of liquid fish oil to get a dose that’s big enough to actually be effective. Like all good fish oil, liquid fish oil from [...]

There are many good things about fish oil, but most studies show that the benefits really kick in after taking a gram or more per day. With fish oil 1000mg, this is not a problem. Just one capsule will provide a whole gram of fish oil. If you’d like a bigger dosage, simply take more [...]