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After learning about the benefits of CoQ10, the obvious question is “how much CoQ10 should I take?” To find out the answer, I spent many hours looking at studies available on the internet, along with a multitude of other sites concerning this supplement. There were many different dosages used, and several suggested, however I did [...]

If you’re interested in nutritional supplements, you may have seen some stories talking about how great CoQ10 is. What makes it so special? Turns out there are many CoQ10 benefits for the human body! When they are all considered together, they qualify CoQ10 as an antiaging supplement of the finest order. You may wonder how [...]

CoQ10, sometimes known as coenzyme Q 10, CoQ, or ubiquinone, has an essential function in every living cell of the human body: It’s used in the production of the cell’s energy. More specifically, it’s an essential component of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the cell’s fuel on the metabolic level – 95% of the energy [...]