CoQ10 Dosage

After learning about the benefits of CoQ10, the obvious question is “how much CoQ10 should I take?”

To find out the answer, I spent many hours looking at studies available on the internet, along with a multitude of other sites concerning this supplement. There were many different dosages used, and several suggested, however I did find one CoQ10 dosage coming up again and again.

A CoQ10 dosage of in the range of 300mg/day was used in many studies, and associated with some of the greatest benefits of this coenzyme. There are even a couple of reports of women becoming free of small breast cancer tumors after taking about 350mg/day of CoQ10.

One confusing thing is that a lot of supplement companies call 100mg of CoQ10 “one serving.” I think it’s best to consider these servings like food servings rather than a daily dosage; having more than one a day is a good thing in this case.

Overall, 300mg seems like a great daily CoQ10 dosage, with no negative side-effects and many possible benefits for the heart, gums, blood pressure and other health-related upsides.

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