Cinnamon Weight Loss

As someone who has always had a lot of trouble losing weight, I finally decided to ignore the conventional “wisdom” and look for an easier way to do it. I was pleasantly amazed to find that cinnamon weight loss is an absolute reality! So far I have lost 22 lbs (update) 29lbs by taking simple cinnamon caps!

On the internet, there is a lot of misguided advice concerning cinnamon. The most damaging of this is the myth of a requirement for expensive, “true” cinnamon. I spent several nights looking for the blood-sugar study that started the reports of cinnamon having beneficial effects. I finally found this study, and guess what? The effective cinnamon is indeed CASSIA CINNAMON (Cinnamomum cassia)- the very same kind sold in American grocery stores. In other words, the CHEAP STUFF! Anyone who says otherwise has not read the study abstract that actually says the genus/species of the cinnamon involved.

The next myth is that there is some odd need to combine it with honey. While it can be used as a tea, there is no need to gag down gallons of cinnamon tea or to use honey. It’s much easier to take cassia cinnamon supplements. I take 5, 500-mg capsules of cinnamon a day. These doses are spread throughout the day: 1 with breakfast, 2 with lunch, and 2 with dinner. The studies have used up to 6 grams a day with no ill effects, so I have no fear of overdosing.

Since cinnamon has been publicly connected to weight loss, many vitamin companies have now jacked up their prices for this actually-cheap spice. Don’t fall for that. I use plain old Puritan’s Pride brand, and that goes for about $2 for a bottle of 200! I always get the 5-for-2 deal. This means that I end up with a massive quantity per order, but the benefit is that it’s CHEAP and lasts for ages. There is no need for it to be expensively standardized or extracted; the type that works is just plain cinnamon.

One question many may have is how long it takes to lose weight by taking cinnamon capsules. For me, it’s taken a bit over 6 months to lose the 22 lbs. This is without making any other changes to my diet. Combined with the old saw of “diet and exercise,” it will almost certainly work even faster.

Another thing I’ve had to do as time went on is up my dosage of cinnamon. 3 caps/day worked for about 10lbs. Then the weight loss stalled, so I pumped up the dosage by another cap. Finally, after losing about 18 lbs., I had to add a 5th cap to keep the weight loss moving along. However, since the study showed no ill effects even with a 6 gram (12 capsule) dosage, I’m not worried about “maxing out” any time soon!

Cinnamon weight loss works great, but that’s not the only benefit of this age-old spice. As the original study shows, it’s also great for controlling blood sugar, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. This study tested cinnamon in diabetics, but there is no reason to believe it wouldn’t work for everyone. My own blood sugar is in the normal range according to finger-stick tests.

I heartily endorse using cinnamon for weight loss. It is the absolute easiest way I’ve ever found to lose weight without putting myself through any discomfort at all!

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