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After learning about the benefits of CoQ10, the obvious question is “how much CoQ10 should I take?” To find out the answer, I spent many hours looking at studies available on the internet, along with a multitude of other sites concerning this supplement. There were many different dosages used, and several suggested, however I did [...]

For centuries, green tea has been used for medicinal benefit in China and nearby Asian countries. Recently, those in the West have realized that this tea really does have many health benefits. Some green tea benefits are: Lowering cholesterol Helping to prevent cancer or, if it’s already present, slow its growth Improvements in the immune [...]

There have been some comments on the Internet saying that fish oil weight loss is a reality. At first, it doesn’t seem to make sense: Oil is a form of fat, and fat is notorious for sticking around when ingested. However, it seems that the DHA and EPA in fish oil give it quite different [...]